Heavy-Duty Dual/Single Battery Lock

Prevent theft with a heavy-duty dual/single battery lock from Battery Shackle of Redding, California. Our product is perfect for anyone out hunting, camping, fishing or leaving an RV in storage. It is the only dual/single battery lock of its type on the market.

Top-Quality Materials

You know you can trust our American-made locks because they are manufactured from the finest steel by certified welders. These battery locks feature all-steel, welded construction. Made in America, they cannot be broken into by most common burglary tools.

How It Works

  • The Battery Shackle comes in three pieces:
    1. One that goes underneath,
    2. One that goes on top,
    3. ethels 286And a bar that goes through the middle of the battery boxes.
  • It is very user friendly and easy to install in 2 minutes or less!

Propane Lock

Our Propane Lock is 3/16 galvanized steel and capable of locking two tanks at once. Installation takes no time and is done in two easy steps:

  1. Lower the lock arm, apply two nuts (Included), and tighten.
  2. Place propane lock over nuts and apply padlock (Included: Brand may vary).


Never use Battery Shackle without a battery box. Use plastic battery boxes without cracks or heavy wear.

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