An assembled and unlocked battery shackle in place on an RV

RV Battery Lock and Other Must-Have Accessories For Your Vehicle

An assembled and unlocked battery shackle in place on an RVLiving the RV life, is a favorite pastime for many, but things aren’t quite as simple as they once were when people would set out on the open road with the bare minimum. Now, there are an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to features that you can add to your recreational vehicle and take with you. While some may seem more frivolous depending on your preference, others are well worth the investment and can add security, fun and peace of mind to your travels. From RV battery locks to GPS and energy efficient solutions, the options below are some of the top must-have accessories for RV owners.

RV Battery Lock

Unfortunately, the days of leaving your doors unlocked and being able to trust most people are over. An increase in theft means that criminals are coming up with new schemes for breaking the law, and stealing RV batteries is one of them. Any RV owner already knows that not only is it not cheap to replace these batteries, but it can also leave you in a precarious situation if you’re out on the road somewhere stranded without a battery. A heavy-duty RV battery lock is a quick fix for this escalating problem since it will deter thieves and keep them from being able to access your battery compartment even if they go ahead and try.

Solar Panels

Solar panels aren’t just a popular trend for immobile structures. The benefits extend to recreational vehicles as well. Traditional generators are annoyingly noisy, may not be able to be operated at certain locations and cost a lot to keep refueled. Solar panel systems, on the other hand, emit no sound while producing sufficient energy to charge everything you need.


No matter how much you may try to avoid all the advancements in technology, you must admit that there is a lot of convenience in most innovative ideas and products. With that being said, it’s time to put away your old maps (unless you’re on the hunt for treasure) and install a GPS system. It may be fun to go off the grid for a while, but when it’s time to get back on track, you don’t want to be lost in the middle of nowhere for hours.

Weather Radio

Hopefully, your RV travels will take you anywhere and everywhere, but that means possibly getting caught in some less than desirable weather. Having a weather radio allows you to stay informed of impending weather conditions and take cover when necessary or plan your day’s itinerary accordingly. This device can prevent your trip from being ruined at a moment’s notice.

Smart RV

Smart RV is a fairly new service that offers several useful features. It will track the movement of your vehicle, which not only keeps friends and family at home updated on your whereabouts, but also comes in handy when it’s moving and you’re not the one driving it (as in it’s being stolen). It will alert you of the movement and assist in locating it. In addition, Smart RV will notify you of low battery levels and create a journal to document your adventures that you can then share with whomever you choose.

Whether you’re only hitting the road for a few days or have decided the life of a nomad is right up your alley, an RV battery lock and these other accessories can go a long way in making you feel more secure, saving you money and allowing you to enjoy your journey to the fullest.